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About Us

Kalpo SRL is a Romanian Company whose the main activity is production and packaging of herbal teas, fruit tea, green tea, black tea and as a complementary activity is to harvest medicinal plant, forest fruits and preservatives them in order to sell on domestic market and the foreign market.
The company was founded in 1992, gaining in time a prestigious experience in the field, working with highly professional managerial team and qualified employees. VEDDA is the trademark by which are identified our products having the motto: „Vedda - Your family tea”.
Kalpo SRL owns the EVOLET brand - teas and natural products for whole family.
Our Mission​
Our mission is to create 100% natural products that satisfy our clients with a perfect balance between quality and price.
Our Aim​
Our company's aim is to achieve through the "VEDDA"  brand a name that delivers quality, balance and trust.